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Public Holidays

This Fact Sheet has been provided by the Department of Labour.

While these lists have been compiled from the information provided, in good faith, there are no guarantees of accuracy.


Actual Date



New Years Day
1 January Sunday 1 January or Tuesday 3 January Tuesday 1 January
Day after New Years Day
2 January

Monday 2 Jan

Wednesday 2 January

Waitangi Day
6 February

Monday 6 Feb

Wednesday 6 February

Good Friday

Friday 6 April

Friday 29 March

Easter Monday

Monday 9 April

Monday 1 April

25 April

Wednesday 25 April

Thursday 25 April

Queen's Birthday
1st Monday in June

Monday 4 June

Monday 3 June

Labour Day
4th Monday in October

Monday 22 October

Monday 28 October

Christmas Day
25 December

Tuesday 25 December

Wednesday 25 December

Boxing Day
26 December

Wednesday 26 December

Thursday 26 December

and the Anniversary Day of the Province in which an employee works, observed as follows:


Actual Date



29 January

Monday 30 January

Monday 28 January

31 March

Monday 12 March

Monday 11 March

Hawkes' Bay
1 November

Friday 19 October

Friday 25 October

22 January

Monday 23 January

Monday 21 January

1 November

Monday 29 October

Monday 4 November

1 February

Monday 30 January

Monday 4 February

16 December

Friday 16 November

Friday 15 November

Canterbury (South)
16 December

Monday 24 September

Monday 23 September

1 December

Monday 3 December

Monday 2 December

23 March

Monday 26 March

Monday 25 March

17 January

Monday 16 January

Monday 21 January

Chatham Islands
30 November

Monday 3 December

Monday 2 December


Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day & 2 January Holiday

These public holidays are observed on the actual day when they fall on a weekday. When they fall on a Saturday/Sunday:

  • If the employee would normally have worked on the Saturday/Sunday, the public holiday is observed on the Saturday/Sunday
  • If the employee would not normally have worked on the Saturday/Sunday, the public holiday is observed on the following Monday/Tuesday
Provincial Anniversary Days
These are generally observed on the Monday nearest to the actual day.
These relate to the former Provinces of 19th Century New Zealand and are not related to or determined by present-day Districts or Regions.
Taranaki Anniversary Day
Moves to 2nd Monday in March to avoid Easter.
Hawkes Bay Anniversary Day
Moved to Friday before Labour Day.
Marlborough Anniversary Day
Observed 1st Monday after Labour Day.
Canterbury Anniversary
Northern & Central Canterbury areas observe Christchurch Show Day. The definition for the Canterbury Anniversary Day celebration as decided by Christchurch City is the second Friday after the first Tuesday in November each year. South Canterbury observes Dominion Day, the 4th Monday in September.
Varies throughout Westland, but Greymouth observes the official day.
Otago & Southland Anniversary Days
As there is no easily determined single day of local observance for Otago or Southland then the parties should rely on either their employment agreement or their own custom and practice.  Where there is no clear custom and practice then the parties should seek to find an agreement on how they will observe Anniversary Day.

If parties are unhappy with how this matter has been handled in their workplace they can seek assistance from a Labour Inspector, or if they require help to settle agreement in their workplace they can seek assistance from the Department's mediation service.
Easter dates confirmed by Catholic Church.

This Fact Sheet has been provided by the Department of Labour.