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KiwiSaver membership

KiwiSaver is open to all New Zealand citizens and people entitled to live here permanently who are under the age of eligibility for NZ Super (age 65).

To join KiwiSaver, a person must be:

  • living (or normally living) in New Zealand, and
  • a New Zealand citizen or entitled, under the Immigration Act 1987, to be in New Zealand indefinitely.

This means New Zealand citizens, Australian citizens, and people who hold either a New Zealand or Australian residence permit can join KiwiSaver.

State Services' employees serving outside New Zealand can also join, subject to certain conditions being met.

People who hold temporary, visitor or student permits cannot join KiwiSaver. Neither can people who are New Zealand citizens or can be in New Zealand indefinitely, but are just visiting or on holiday in New Zealand, for example, a New Zealand citizen who normally lives in Australia who returns to New Zealand and, while here, works full-time in his parents' business.

Automatic enrolment


You must enrol eligible new employees (18 years or over and under 65), unless you are an exempt employer who provides access to another registered superannuation scheme that meets certain criteria.

Some employees are exempt from automatic enrolment.

Penalties apply for employers who fail to automatically enrol eligible new employees (unless they are an exempt employer).

For more information about your responsibility as an employer for Kiwisaver click on the below links.  (These will take you through to the Inland Revenue Website)